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Whispering Lakes Ranch Report: Eight Sold and Three Under Contract as of July 31, 2015
Posted In: League City News | Residential Posted by Penny Brockway on 08/01/2015

If you’ve been tracking sales and active listings in the neighborhood, you might be confused on what is going on with home prices.  While there are plenty of homes on the market or ones that have sold in the typical $120-$133 per foot range, there are a number of homes that have sold at below that price point.  The thing to recognize is that there are times when people need to sell quickly and to do that, they might be willing to sell below market.  Six of the eight homes that have listed below $120 per foot this year have sold in 15 days or less.  If you are in a hurry to sell and you are willing to take a reduction in price, selling below $120 per foot will most likely get your home sold quickly.  If you can be patient and want the most for your house, be prepared to wait a little longer, but history says you should be able to get in our typical $120-$133 price range.  As evidence that patience is back, 4 of the 5 active listings are at $127 per foot and higher.

Penny Brockway is a licensed Realtor and Owner of Brockway Realty, LLC, a residential brokerage operating in the League City, Friendswood and Houston areas with 16 agents.  Penny and her husband James, a broker and co-owner of the company, are proud to call Whispering Lakes Ranch home.

Brockway Realty is a full service residential and commercial real estate brokerage based in League City, serving the League City, Clear Lake and Houston, Texas markets with over 20 agents. Member, League City Regional Chamber of Commerce

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