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Just Listed By Brockway Realty in Sought After Bay Forest!
Posted In: Clear Lake News | Residential Posted by James Brockway on 02/03/2015

This beautiful one story patio home in the Clear Lake area is located in Bay Forest Retreat and features french doors in master and study, built-ins in study and family room, carpets that have never been lived on, crown molding throughout the home and plenty of storage!

Please click here for more information.

Tagged With: Bay Forest Retreat | Clear Lake | Clear Lake Listings

The Soon to be Well Known Marina Cafe in Kemah!
Posted In: Kemah News Posted by James Brockway on 09/23/2014

I hesitate to send this blog out about Marina Cafe because I’m afraid more people will start going to this restaurant and I’ll have to wait in line, but after eating there for the first time this past weekend, it would be unfair not to share this experience to everyone in the Kemah/Clear Lake/League City area.

Marina Cafe, located at 620 Marina Bay Drive opened in December, 2013 and is owned by Jim Ginger. If I had to pick what I liked best about the place, I would say location, menu and staff (all of them vying for first place on the list). When my wife and I and her in-laws arrived there this past Sunday for brunch, I must admit I was skeptical since I already had my own number one brunch location in the Clear Lake area and I’m a creature of habit; plus, I’m gluten free and I’m always wary that there won’t be many selections for me. But when we were seated outside on the back patio overlooking a peaceful canal that feeds into Clear Lake, I knew that the location test had been met. Next test, the staff. Tiffany Carroll, the manager, immediately greeted us with a patient smile although she was scurrying from table to table, making sure no one waited for long. When I asked about gluten free items, she said they had great gluten-free pancakes that a few of her customers had requested they start making. The staff test had now been met-pleasantness and willingness to meet the needs of customers ranked high on their agenda. When our food arrived, in a timely manner, it was fantastic! Now as a celiac (gluten-free person), I tend to have low expectations-I’m just happy to see gluten free items show up on a menu, but the food was delicious. My wife, who had the tamales, loved them. My sister-in-law, who has been to Marina Cafe several times with her family, and was the person responsible for us going to the restaurant, offered up more suggestions from her past experiences: BBQ Shrimp Street Tacos, the Classic Reuben and the BLT!

I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Tagged With: Clear Lake | Kemah | Marina Cafe

7th Annual Clear Lake Triathlon, August 23rd – Please Be Aware While Traveling
Posted In: Clear Lake News | Events & Attractions Posted by Pam Moore on 08/21/2014

Due to the local weather forecast of intense heat, this weekend will definitely prove to be strenuous and challenging for those involved with the 7th Annual Clear Lake International Triathlon. The triathlon will take place on Saturday, August 23rd in Clear Lake, over the Kemah Bridge and past the Johnson Space Center. This event is being hosted by League City’s South Shore Harbor Resort & Marina.

COURSE DETAILS - International Course. Swim 1.5 K (.93 miles) in a rectangular, counter clock wise course around South Shore Harbor (opposite end of the Harbor from the fuel dock), bike 46 K (28.8 miles) double-loop crossing the Kemah Bridge twice with views of Clear Lake and NASA Space Center, run 10 K (6.2 miles) 3 loops on a partially shaded course through South Shore Marina & neighborhood with views of Clear Lake.

COURSE DETAILS - Sprint Course. Swim .5 K (.31 miles) around South Shore Harbor (opposite end of the Harbor from the fuel dock), bike 23 K (14 miles) loop crossing Kemah Bridge with views of Clear Lake and NASA, run 3.4 K (2.1 miles) through South Shore Marina and neighborhood.

Please be aware of the routes the athletes will be taking, and take alternate routes (if possible) when traveling on Saturday. For race maps and more details about the Clear Lake International Triathlon, please visit their website.

The City of League City has posted information about road closures and delays on their website.

By Pamela Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty, LLC

Tagged With: Clear Lake

Watch via Webcam as the Boeing 747 Space Shuttle Carrier is Reassembled
Posted In: Clear Lake News | Nassau Bay News | Webster News Posted by Pam Moore on 05/27/2014

Space Center Houston, located at 1601 NASA Parkway, is in the process of building an exciting new $12 million complex to celebrate Houston’s leading role in space exploration!  This new Texas landmark will be the first place in the world where visitors can see the full-scale Space Shuttle model and the retired Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA-905) in classic piggyback configuration.

Space Center Houston has aimed a webcam at crews as they reassemble the modified NASA Space Shuttle Carrier that rolled down Highway 3 from Ellington Field and then traveled down NASA Parkway late in April. Watch via webcam at: http://spacecenter.org/giving/747-project/.

The photos (below) were taken on April 29th, after the Boeing 747 had completed its first day of travel and was “parked” parallel to Highway 3.

[The Boeing 747 fuselage and elevons at intersection of NASA Parkway & HWY 3 – P Moore]

[The Boeing 747 fuselage, elevons and partial view of a wing, as seen along HWY 3. –P Moore]
By Pamela Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty

Tagged With: Clear Lake | Nassau Bay | Webster

Update on Victory Lakes UTMB Expansion & Bay Area Regional Medical Center
Posted In: Clear Lake News | League City News | Webster News Posted by Pam Moore on 05/27/2014

The $90mil expansion of the UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch) Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes began in February 2013. The 142,000 sq.ft. expansion is expected to create between 175 and 210 new full-time jobs for the area. The project is expected to be completed around June 2015. UTMB Specialty Care Center is located in League City at 2240 Gulf Frwy South.

(Photos taken January 2014)
The Bay Area Regional Medical Center is located at Hwy 3, between Blossom and Orchard Streets in Webster. The nine-story 375,000 sq.ft. acute-care hospital has been designed using the latest in health care technology. The signs for the building were installed in January 2014, which gave the community a clue that construction will soon be complete.

The Medical Center does not yet have their official website online, but for the time, being news is being posted on their Facebook Page. Positions needed at this facility are now being posted on the page; details about several jobs with information on how to apply are also listed.

(Photos taken January 2014)
On March 5, 2013, Brockway Realty blogged: “UTMB Facilities Continue to Expand at Victory Lakes in League City”.

By Pam Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty

Tagged With: Bay Area Regional Medical Center | Clear Lake | League City | UTMB | Victory Lakes | Webster

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