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City Spotlight: Taylor Lake Village – More than a “Bedroom Community”
Posted In: Residential | Taylor Lake Village News Posted by Pam Moore on 07/21/2014

Looking for a desirable location on the water? How about Taylor Lake – Mud Lake – Clear Lake? Taylor Lake Village gives you the opportunity to choose because it borders all three bodies of water. When you see the beautiful homes along the water and see the family-friendly lake side park, you’ll know you have found a place to call home. The forested subdivisions offer a restful and warm location; in fact there are citizens who travel internationally that have chosen Taylor Lake Village as their “Houston-area” home.

Incorporated in 1961, Taylor Lake Village has a rich history of being one of the communities where employees of the Johnson Space Center lived. To preserve the residential character of the community, the town permits no business establishments within its corporate limits. Children attend schools in the Clear Creek Independent School District.

A 40-acre park includes a jogging track, fishing pier, playgrounds, picnic pavilion, and sports fields. A disc golf course, known for its signature “island” hole, is also located in the park. Taylor Lake Village and El Lago are considered “sister cities”, sharing a police department and also boasting to have the lowest crime rate in Harris County.

With a location between Houston and Galveston, Taylor Lake Village offers a unique residential community with a great proximity to water activities.

Read More About Taylor Lake Village in the Brockway Realty Blog

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November Fall Arts & Craft Fairs in the Bay Area
Posted In: Clear Lake News | Clear Lake Shores News | Kemah News | League City News | Taylor Lake Village News | Webster News Posted by Pam Moore on 11/02/2013

Our area is home to many talented artisans and crafters, which proves evident at the fall Arts & Craft Fairs festivals hosted by cities, churches, and organizations. This blog lists many of the shows scheduled for the month of November. Admission to all these events is FREE.

NOVEMBER 1-3 NOVEMBER 7-9   NOVEMBER 14-16 By Pam Moore, Feature Blogger for Brockway Realty

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Taylor Lake Village Announces Planned Repairs Began on June 17th
Posted In: Taylor Lake Village News Posted by Pam Moore on 07/08/2013

Taylor Lake Village Mayor, Jon Keeney, recently posted a notice to residents about long-awaited changes coming.  After working with Harris County, approval has been made to begin planned repairs in neighborhoods, City Hall and the TLV Park.

Construction began around June 17th with a completion estimate of 150 days later. The scope of work is the continuation of the street, sidewalk, and emergency staging area around City Hall. The city park will receive new roads and parking lot, an upgrade of the track, and drainage.  Trees of Houston have donated numerous trees to dress up the park.

The TLV Building Official has made affected homeowners aware of the pending construction and will keep them informed. A grant, written by a former member of the Taylor Lake Village Council, was instrumental in helping to get these repairs accomplished.

By Pamela Moore for Brockway Realty

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Taylor Lake Village: 2013 “Day by The Bay” Home Tour – March 23rd & 24th
Posted In: Events & Attractions | Residential Posted by Pam Moore on 03/22/2013

The 2013 Day by the Bay Home Tour presented by the Houston Symphony League Bay Area will be the weekend of March 23-24, and has been expertly chaired by Vicki Buxton and Pat Biddle. Ms. Buxton stated “After our successful tour of Nassau Bay last year, we decided to showcase the interesting communities around Taylor Lake. We have four luxurious waterfront homes to offer.”

Tickets for the tour are now on sale; $15 pre-sale, $20 at the door. A pre-tour party is also planned and costs $75, which also includes the home tour. For more information, call Alberta at 281-480-4370 or visit the Houston Symphony League Bay Area’s website.

By Pam Moore for Brockway Realty

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