Nassau Bay – “The City That NASA Built”
After the location for America’s Manned Spacecraft Center was announced in 1961, Colonel Raymond Pearson sold 570 acres of his ‘1776 Ranch’ to developers. That land, located in the unincorporated southern-most portion of Harris County, would become Nassau Bay. In 1962, developers began work on the community that was considered as the exclusive residential and commercial area for employees of the new Center.

In 1973, The Manned Spacecraft Center was renamed the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in honor of President Johnson. In 30 years, Nassau Bay’s population of 400 has grown to over 4,000. Besides becoming home to aerospace engineers, administrators, and scientists, the city has also become home to many astronauts.

Amenities abound for residents of Nassau Bay: hospitals, commercial areas, shopping, parks, churches, restaurants, and entertainment. Located along Clear Lake, there is easy access to boating and marinas; in fact, the area is amongst the third largest concentration of pleasure boats in the United States. The peninsula of Nassau Bay is surrounded on three sides by water – Clear Lake, Clear Creek and Cow Bayou. Lake-side estates, apartment complexes and affordable homes make Nassau Bay a location in high demand. The city also offers many community family-friendly events such as their annual 4th of July picnic and fireworks display over Clear Lake.

Due to Nassau Bay’s close proximity to the Johnson Space Center, there are many high-tech and aerospace companies located in the city. A steady growth in both commercial redevelopment and residential upgrades has been evident. Nassau Bay Town Square is currently being completed as a mixed-use project which includes new office buildings, a multi-family project, hotel, retail shops and a conference center.

From the city’s humble beginning as ranch land to becoming home to aerospace scientists and astronauts, Nassau Bay is rich in history and technological progress – “the city that NASA built”.

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